Getting Started

Getting Started

Simple. Quick. Free.

Unlike trips to the DMV

Step 01.

Download Neqtr

Download Neqtr free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Create an Account with your Full Name, Email and a hard to crack but easy to remember Password! We like real Users, so you will have to verify your Email Address before you can login!
Neqtr on App Store
Step 02.

Create your First Neqtr

Create 1 Neqtr or 100, there are no limits! To create your first Neqtr you will need a Logo/Image, all your Contact Information, Social Media Accounts/Links and any PDFs you would like to attach. It's very straightforward, but if you need some help, click the link below!
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Step 03.

Start Sharing

Once you have created your first Neqtr, its time to go share it with the World! No seriously go share it, send it, heck AirDrop it to as many people as possible. Why not share your Neqtr and spread as many Opportunities out into the world as possible!
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